Vision Systems

Vision Systems

Designed to provide universal solutions to solve visual inspection applications in industrial environments, mainly dedicated to fuse boxes components inspection Advanced technology used: High resolution cameras and Led illumination system. Complete range of structures and designs to fit your production needs. Easy programming software supporting symbol and color recognition. Detection of missing elements, Elements in excess, Wrong element, Rotated and nonprogrammed.

fixture model

Designed to be integrated in a Test Table. 3 models defined depending of the inspection area.Ideal for to be integrated in a Electrical test station.

Desktop Model

Designed to be placed on desktop. Stand alone solution including integrated computer.

EVE D1000 series

Desktop equipment / Computer integrated / Rail insertion facilitate harness handling / Ideal for big fuse boxes with difficult handling

Customized Vision Systems

Emdep provides special solutions for vision inspection according the application requirements. Special handling, automatized solutions, inline equipment, unattended. Integrated in tightening stations for final fuse inspection.


A scan based system able to detect the correct insertion of the elements on the fuse boxes. Fully integrated into Standard Vision Systems or production line.

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