EMDEP group is a worldwide supplier for assembly, testing equipment and specific software for automotive wiring harness and components manufacturers

EMDEP’s objective is to offer a close proximity service and support to earn the total satisfaction of their clients

After 40 years in the automotive testing business, serving 800 customers in 50 countries, EMDEP is leading company for having the largest connector database and designs

Our advanced real time integrated GEOS system supported by our in-house enhanced manufacturing technology and fully trained staff are perfectly in sync delivering Cost-Effective testing solutions that satisfies our customers

"A job well done, has no boundaries. A bad work has no future."

Diego Amores Serrano

Emdep founder

Our company mision

Manufacture of assembly and test equipment for electrical wire harnesses delivered on time and with the highest quality Levels; always looking for the best cost for our customers, using an effective and direct communication to respond quickly to any of their requests.

Our company vision

Be the leader in the manufacture of assembly and test equipment for electrical wire harnesses, building long-term relationships with SUPPLIERS and CUSTOMERS, giving a fast and professional response to the continuous changes in the requirements of the customers and offering the best products and services to obtain their total satisfaction.


Our Quality Commitment

We maintain a robust integral management system, obtaining appropriate quality raw materials, establishing rigorous operating procedures, detecting and investigating product quality deviations, to guarantee reliable testing devices and high value added services to our customers, bringing EMDEP into the forefront of Testing System Solutions.

Think in technology

We know technology is born from the evolution of brilliant ideas. This is the reason why we grown together as a team with excellent work procedures. We ask ourselves the difficult questions; seek the most innovative solution ; to offer the most interesting products.

A better world

EMDEP recognizes the importance of preserving natural resources and preventing any type of contamination, in compliance with the applicable legal requirements, sensitizing employees with good practices for the adequate management of resources. 

Values & Principles

The values and principles of the EMDEP Group are framed in the satisfaction customers and in the creation of a favorable work environment for its collaborators, these are:


Leadership: We work with a participative leadership, which promotes the development of competencies and the empowerment of each of the people who contribute to our development.

Follow-up: We work so that what is planned will happen according to plan.

Training: Training is the main investment that potentiates the productivity of our employees and therefore that of the company.

Commitment: Respecting the commitments acquired in the organization is of very high importance, this will ensure compliance with the agreements and trust with the internal and external customer.

Communication: The relationships and connections within the members of the company and with the clients are fluid, sincere and effective.

Service: The provision of a good service contributes to customer satisfaction and its permanence.

Quality: Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through the delivery of products that meet the requirements established in time and form.

Respect for differences: In the EMDEP Group, no person is rejected because of his sexual, religious and / or political preferences, etc.


Honesty: We perform all operations with transparency and rectitude.

Loyalty: We are loyal to the EMDEP group and always looking for development and permanence of our employees.

Solidarity: EMDEP Group, is sensitive to the needs of its employees and acts on the principle of mutual assistance.

EMDEP Group is in compliance with:

ISO 9001 standard

RoHS directive

CE marking directives

Our 99.82 kWp photovoltaic installation has taken advantage of the incentive program linked to self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy sources, as well as the implementation of renewable thermal systems in the residential sector, within the framework of the Recovery and Transformation Plan and Resilience, funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU

Joining this incentive program has allowed us to receive financial support for 38% of the cost of the project, in which we produce approximately 135,937 kWh annually. With the photovoltaic installation we cover 40% of our electricity consumption, which entails significant economic savings and environmental benefits by avoiding the emission of 64 tons of CO2 equivalent to planting 3,195 trees.