Leak Test for Grommets

Leak Test for Grommets

A Grommet air leak test is a quality control process that evaluates the integrity of a grommet, by subjec­ting it to an air pressure test within a sealed cham­ber simulating its real-world assembly conditions.

During the test, a controlled amount of air pressure is introduced into the chamber, and the grommet’s response to this pressure is closely monitored.

A sophisticated PLC is employed to measure and analyse the pressure inside the chamber, comparing it to predefined parameters that determine whether the grommet passes or fails the test.

By conducting this air leak test, manufacturers can ensure that the grommet exhibits optimal perfor­mance and effectively seals against potential leaks in the actual vehicle assembly.

This testing procedure plays a crucial role in maintaining the quality and safety standards of automotive components, enhancing overall product reliability, and preventing potential issues that may arise from faulty grommets.

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