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EMDEP Group and ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

Establish Strategic Collaboration to Drive Advancements in the Global Wire Harness Industry.

Tarragona, Spain— 17/01/2024: EMDEP Group (“EMDEP”) and ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. (“ShinMaywa”) proudly announce their strategic collaboration, set to redefine excellence in the global wire harness industry. This alliance marks a pivotal moment, combining ShinMaywa’ s expertise in automatic wire processing systems with EMDEP’s prowess in wiring harness assembly and test equipment.

Pioneering the Future at 38th INTERNEPCON JAPAN

Witness the inaugural showcase of this dynamic partnership at the 38th INTERNEPCON JAPAN, scheduled from January 24 to January 26, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight. ShinMaywa will unveil a dedicated corner within its booth, spotlighting the cutting-edge equipment by EMDEP.

Driving Forces behind the Alliance

EMDEP, renowned globally for its harness inspection equipment and a network spanning 21 production sites worldwide, joins forces with ShinMaywa, a respected name in automatic wire processing systems. ShinMaywa holds a significant market share in Asia and North America, particularly among Japanese harness manufacturers. This alliance is a strategic leap towards bolstering global influence, leveraging the inherent strengths of both entities. It’s a proactive response to the evolving landscape of the automotive industry, aiming to expand sales and enhance presence amid ongoing industry restructuring.

Moreover, aligned with a commitment to sustainability, the collaboration will also promote various measures to achieve carbon neutrality by utilizing EMDEP’s sites.

Concrete Alliance Initiatives

The collaboration involves pivotal initiatives:

  • Manufacturing Synergy: Select components for ShinMaywa Industries’ equipment will be manufactured at EMDEP’s plant, fostering a seamless integration of capabilities.
  • Global Promotion and Support: Joint efforts in product promotion and commercialization in regions where both entities have established success stories.
  • Technical Service Synergy: Offering mutual technical support for after-sales service and maintenance, ensuring continued excellence in customer service.

Vision and Future Prospects

Both companies are considering to expand the scope of future collaborations. EMDEP is dedicated to enhancing its position in the Japanese market through this strategic partnership, aiming to solidify its presence and expand its connections within Japan’s industry landscape.

EMDEP Group and ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. stand united in their commitment to innovation, sustainable practices, and elevating industry benchmarks. This alliance symbolizes a collective pursuit of excellence, to redefine the dynamics of the wire harness industry.

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About EMDEP Group

A leading global supplier of assembly and inspection equipment and software for automotive harness and component manufacturers.

The company was established in 1983 as an equipment supplier to major European automotive wire harness manufacturers. Since then, the company has accelerated its overseas business development, and to date has supplied inspection equipment and various other equipment and software to more than 800 wire harness manufacturers in 50 countries.

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About ShinMaywa Industries

With its five business pillars in special purpose trucks, parking systems, fluid equipment, industrial machinery and environment systems, and aircraft, ShinMaywa provides products and services to advance urban, transportation, and environmental infrastructures and enable a smooth functioning society and a life that is safe and convenient.

The automatic wire processing system business started in 1956 with the production and sale of Japan’s first mechanical wire cutting machine. Currently, the business is centered on automatic wire processing systems—with allowing high-speed, high-precision processing and having high durability as their strengths—and also develops systems for remote monitoring of operations. It is contributing toward improving productivity and operation rates of production systems for wiring harnesses meant for the automotive industry and consumers.

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