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Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Wireless Systems

Main features

The Wireless Clip testing module detects the presence/ absence of the clips by emitting the status to a central receiver without the need of a wired connecting network between the sensors and the main controller.

  • Wireless switch. More compact and ready to be assembled in 3 orientations
  • Aluminum support allows to adjust the height of the clip
  • Adjustable base horizontally +-5mm Folding 90º
  • Center of the clip always aligned with the board fixation to assure an easy and precise lay out

This solution applies wireless technology to the Inline clip testing. There is no need to connect the panels installed in the conveyor at any point of the assembly line to make the test and this allows for greater flexibility. This system can support up to 30 meters between a testing point and receiver. There are 5 different adapters to support all types of clips that can be mounted in 3 different orientations.





  • Clips definition

Visual aid

  • Layout image
  • Clips position
  • Groups
  • Sections

Test Mode

  • All OK
  • Once OK
  • Group once OK


  • Which clips will be assembled in each reference?
  • Show the harness layout as a visual aid to improve the
    clips test
  • The software has the option to split the harness layout into different sections and show each part for a better clips ubication.
  • In each section it is defined the components to test.
  • Multiscreen Support to facilitate the test
  • It is possible to select different monitors for each section defined in the layout
  • Operator is focused in his branch


Powerfull monitoring system

  • Integrated in Wintestem or Standalone
  • KSK Production
  • Subassembly clips testing
  • Communication with PLC
  • Option to Mix with hardwired counterparts
  • Full Customizable solution

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