USB Rack


Expandable equipment to cover all the possible wiring harness testing applications. Plug and play USB interface to computer, avoiding the necessity of additional interface cards. Based on 64 TP expansion card, it supports all the necessary wire an components test in the wiring harness such as continuity, diodes, resistors, presence detection etc.
Combined with our Wintestem software, it creates a powerful solution with a highly flexible test development environment.
Technical Specifications
Test Voltage12V
Current limitShortiCircuit protection by adjustable current limit
Relays test per card8
Number of test card supportedUnlimited
Relay activation cyclesProgrammable
Graphical visual aidYES
LED indication on moduleYES

Test pointsUp to 16000 test pointsUp to 16000 test points
Inputs8 inputs (12-24 volts)8 inputs (12-24 volts)
Outputs8 relay outputs8 relay outputs
Continuity thresholdFixedProgrammable 50 - 100 KΩ
Isolation thresholdNoProgrammable 50 - 100 KΩ
Test current0-1 mA0-2.5 mA
Test voltage0-12 volts0-5 volts
Capacitors test10nF-1mF (5%)10nF-1mF (5%)
Resistors testExtra card required50-100 KΩ (5% ± 10Ω)
Diodes testPresenceForward voltage up to 5v.
LED supportAll test points can control LEDAll test points can control LED
Firmware upgradeableYesYes

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