We develop projects that offer the best solutions

> We create useful technology. The result of our research is materialized in equipment and components destined to facilitate the production of electrical wiring, with the highest level of quality.

> The products that we generated are created so that they have a long service life, are integrated in the line of production of our clients and they adapt, easily, to future systems of work.

We go forward with our clients

Our clients can contact directly with our R+D department, they can talk with the engineers that developed the equipment they are working with and exchange opinions, discover improvement areas and optimize the results in the wiring production.

R+D also offers our clients consults and engineering services in order to create custom-made equipment, components and software that allow them to optimize production processes or to develop specific tasks.

We create, develop, produce and distribute

Emdep has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry.

The R+D department has evolved in those years giving Emdep the necessary autonomy to think, create and distribute all its products.

Because of this Emdep knows perfectly how its products will behave in its client’s production lines and how to improve them.

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