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Product view example

Main features

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Main features

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Fast Testing

Our smart testing algorithm allows to parallelize the HV measurement.

This feature decreases dramatically the number of measures to be performed to assure the correct isolation in all the cable and in consequence, it reduces the testing time.

65% time saving for one cable with 3 cores vs 1 shield.

Optimized Software Interface

Graphical, modern looking, simple and powerful interface to be programmed easily even for non high computer skilled users.

The graphical interface also shows to the operator clear and graphical messages about the test progress and status, indicating the connector and cable related in each step.

Traceability & Connectivity

All our equipment are saving historic test data and results. The format, way and path where this data is saved can be customized to be adapted for local resources, network paths or remote database connections.

It is also implemented the communication with any ERP system to download in real time the test data and upload the test results when the test is finished.


Specific solutions for aerospace, military and train industry

High Voltage test for e-mobility wiring harness industry

Assembly and test of Junction Box and Power distribution boxes

Our Experience

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Insertion mode
1 finger Ø5mm (options avail.)
Through mask + 1 finger Ø5mm Change tool possible
Insertion speed
12 seg/fuse
1 seg/fuse
Max. Insertion force
Working area
380x300x100mm (XYZ axis)
425x320x100mm (XYZ axix)
Shipping weight
External dimensions
H=615mm L=845mm W=652mm
H=785mm L=1026mm W=850mm



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