SQL Developer

Job Number: EHIN-23-04
Date: 25-05-2023
Department: Engineering
Location: Pune
Experience: 3-6 years
Job Summary:

We are looking for a Software Developer with having a good knowledge of SQL script programming in MySQL database or any equivalent provider technology to join our Engineering Department.

Minimum Studies:
  • B.E. / B.Tech. , MCA or MSC or equivalent
Key Responsibilities:
  • Analyze queries and optimize with performance, result.
  • Manage the MySQL database in Linux and Windows.
  • Create a Database table and normalize the database into small tables by applying rules of Normalization, defined Check Constraint and applied Business Rules.
  • Well versed with the DDL and DML statements.
  • Write and optimize in-application SQL statements.
  • Creating and maintaining complex stored procedures, Extended System SP, Triggers, views, Tables, user defined functions.
  • Create indexes and analyze its role for optimizations.
  • Develop Dynamic search queries and results with manipulated data.
  • Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases.
  • Prepare documentations and specifications for Database.
  • Good experience of IT industry with strong understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and practices.
  • Good to have experience in MySQL Database.
  • Deliver top-notch support for all of the MySQL functionality, scalability, availability, performance and reliability for both in-house and cloud deployments.
  • Designing, modelling, developing and supporting Database Management Systems (DBMS).
  • Work with developers to design and optimize SQL queries and schema to participate in application deployments.
  • Create and modify queries, stored procedures and scripts inside of MySQL.
  • Analyzing data requirements, data dictionaries, application and processing architectures, and database schema(s). Then design, develop, amend, optimize, and certify database schema(s) to meet system requirements.
  • Coordinating day-to-day management, support, and troubleshooting activities of the team.
  • Provide database administration support, oversee environment management, monitor database health, resource planning, perform database upgrades and patching, backup/recovery, and make recommendations regarding enhancements and/or improvements.
  • Gather, analyze, and normalize relevant information related to and from business processes, functions, and operations to evaluate data credibility and determine relevance and meaning.
  • Perform duties associated with data stewardship, data security, data integration, and data standards.
  • Database mirroring and replications.
  • Develop and manage daily operational procedures.
  • Contribute to database planning efforts such as disaster recovery design, tool selection, warehousing and scaling initiatives
  • Baseline activities include project management, development of best practices, repeatable procedures for deploying databases, day-to-day operational activities (break/fix, space management, and backup/recovery and database replication setup/management).
  • Create automated processes related to database administration, space management, security, monitoring, and performance.
  • Adhere to all required PCI/SDLC procedures, Ensuring database systems procedures adhere to regulatory requirements.
  • Perform installation, upgrades, and patching of database software.
  • Good interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to present ideas in user-friendly language.
  • Self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail.
  • Able to prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
  • Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
Technical Skills:
  • 2+ years in SQL Developer with MySQL Database.
  • Knowledge and experience of MySQL querys, Views, Store procedures and trigger with a proven track record .
  • Knowledge and experience in managing relational databases.
  • Solid functional experience in Linux and windows.
  • Experience with database performance tuning and capacity planning.
  • Good scripting ability and working knowledge of Shell Scripts.
  • Strong organization, interpersonal, and team-leading skills.
  • Strong multi-tasking abilities, ability to work under pressure, and make priority decisions.
  • Pro-active, dedicated, committed and responsible.
Mandatory Skills:
  • SQL, MySQL, SQL query analyzer, DBA, MariaDB