DBA for MySQL database

Job Number: EHIN-23-06
Date: 25-05-2023
Department: Engineering
Location: Pune
Experience: 3-6 years
Job Summary:

We are looking for a Database Administrator with having a good knowledge of DBA in MySQL or MariaDB database or any equivalent database provider to join our Engineering Department to work with IT team.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Manage MySQL Server databases.
  • Configure and maintain MySQL database servers and processes.
  • Configure and maintain MySQL replication.
  • Monitor system's health and performance.
  • Ensure high levels of performance, availability, sustainability and security.
  • Analyze, solve, and correct issues in real time.
  • Provide suggestions for solutions.
  • Refine and automate regular processes, track issues, and document changes.
  • Assist developers with query tuning and schema refinement.
  • Perform scheduled maintenance and support release deployment activities.
  • Manage Linux Servers, deploy, configuration and update.
  • VMware Virtualization knowledge desirable.
Mandatory Skills:
  • MySQL, MariaDB, SQL query analyzer, DBA, MySQL replication, performance