3D render of a medical banner with abstract virus cells

Information about Covid-19

Dear Customer,

In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, our employees’ and customers’ safety is our top priority. This is why we strictly follow the recommendations of the national health authorities in the countries where we operate.

We’d like to keep you informed of our efforts and strategy to warrant that your needs and minimal disruption of our supply chain are ensured in the coming weeks.

Please to be informed about:

  • We have reinforced material in all the plants to make sure that production will not be interrupted.
  • Prioritizing manpower to get all PO delivered on time.
  • Emdep Technical Service is available and you can contact them just mailing to [email protected].
  • EMDEP Local Sales will be in constant contact with Customer Local Purchasing with updated information.

Thank you for your patience, please to contact any of Emdep facilities for further information.

Yours Sincerely,