High Voltage Tester


– High Voltage and Dielectric Withstand tester
– 4 Wire resistance measurement
– Specific design for test adapters
– Leak and flow test for connectors and cables
– Functional test for charging Inlet lock device
– LIN communication for smart charging Inlet models
– Solutions for unshielded cable test
– Fast testing algorithm
– Optimized friendly software interface
– Full traceability and connectivity
– High Voltage test for e-mobility wiring harness industry
– Specific solutions for aerospace, military and train industry
– Assembly and test of Junction Box and Power distribution boxes
– High Voltage up to 6000VDC/4200VAC
– Insulation resistance & dielectric withstand
– Continuity test integrated
– Expandable test points
– Light barrier protection
– Kelvin measurement
– Leak and flow test
– Functional test
– LIN comunication
– Scanner & printer support
– Unlimited test programs
– Graphical programming method
– Test sequence fully customizable
– Connection to ERP system
– Traceability data available
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