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High Voltage Connector Assembly

High Voltage Connector Assembly

High Voltage Connector Assembly

High Voltage Connector Assembly

Main features

Assembly process for High Voltage connectors can be extremely complicated, Jeopardizing the manufacturing flow and compromising the final product quality. Our connector assembly devices provides a reliable solution to automatize as much as possible this process, reducing the manufacturing time and assuring the quality of the product according the connector assembly parameters.

Main Charcteristics

  • The HV assembly is an assembly device for HV connectors, it assures:
  • Automatic or semiautomatic devices with manual loading and unloading
  • Compact and robust stand alone PLC equipment
  • Lock of defective parts to be released only with supervisor key
  • Safety elements included depending on requirements (bi-manual button or light barrier)
  • Light indicator for Good and Not Good Parts

Available Features

Our devices can implement any action or detection described in the assembly manual of the connector.

The following ones are the most popular features requested and implemented:

Automatic insertion of seals and caps with controlled force and position.

Secondary lock and CPA presence and closing with controlled force

Allows to “touch” the steering wheel in order to simulate the hands on function

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