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The EMDEP Guided Terminal Insertion system (GTI) provides a complete solution for guiding the operator in the process of assembly the wires into the connector. The system guides the operator step by step, indicating the next operation to realize. It includes pick by light guiding for wires, cavity indication by led and full electrical continuity check: Completely guided assembly process free of errors!

Errors Processing

The system is capable to detect the following errors during the assembly process:

  • Electrical test of wire
  • Non continuity (missing wire)
  • Short circuit (wire in wrong cavity)
  • Pull wire operation
  • Excessive pull
  • Unexpected pull

The corresponding error will be displayed on the screen and the LED of the related cavities will be switched on.

Critical errors(excessive pull) block the test, requiring the presence of the supervisor.


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    Main Features

    The following features are supported by the system which is fully customizable according to your process requirements:

    Test Mode

    Random Selection

    Used when the wires are already inserted in one connector and the other end needs to be guided to a main connector.


    Operator selects randomly the next wire by touching a metal probe, the equipment will indicate the cavity where to insert the wire.

    Predefined sequential insertion of wires

    Operator follows the process indicated by the equipment.


    Each wire is requested in a predefined sequence according the data programmed.

    Test Modules

    The test modules accept different options depending on the guiding and test necessities. The following options can be selected independently and combined in the same station:

    Led guiding

    Indicates the cavity to insert next wire or affected by the error displayed on the screen


    Most common option. Led located as near as possible to the connector.


    Located inside the connector shape, the light passes through the cavity of the connector. Fiber optic could be used when there is small cavity or reduced space between them no possibility to use with continuity pins or presence detections.

    Lock system

    Indicates the cavity to insert next wire or affected by the error displayed on the screen


    Pneumatic clamps locks the connector, normally locked until the test is finished or supervisor cancels the test.


    Mechanic clamp is used to hold the connector simplifying the holder concept. The connector can be removed at any time by operator, used normally in combination with auto release option: the lock is automatically released when excessive pull force is applied.

    Wire detection

    Defines the way in which the equipment will assure the wire presence


    Continuity pins for each cavity add the possibility to check electrically the wire assuring also the position

    Detection switch

    Detects the presence of the wire in the cavity. Normally used when only one connector is assembled and it is not required to check the continuity.


    Used in simple equipment which only guides operator without performing any test.

    Wire pull

     Detects the wire pull operation

    Pull OK

    Give a signal.

    Excessive pull

    Additional detection activated when excessive pull force has been applied. Used normally for pneumatic locked modules.

    Additional detection

    Test modules supports additionalstandard detections.

    Normally used for detection of spacer open or components



    The µEditor is a free software developed by Emdep. It gives an easy an intuitive interface to program the part numbers and test options.


    Download the data to the station connecting to the Ethernet port.

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    EMDEP Ksk software implements all the necessary features in order to allow to your line and complete production process to work under ksk system from any car manufacturer: