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Main features

FID is a system that fully automates the assembly of fuses and relays into the boxes. It can operate with several fuse boxes simultaneously, even once already connected to the full wire harnesses.

  • Thanks to the force and distance measurement we assure the highest quality on the insertion process.
  • All the quality collected data is fully traceable. The system can generate automatic reports to be shared with the OEMs about each assembled fuse / relay box.
  • Automatic Optical inspection by camera system is performed for each component before it is inserted.
  • Fuses & Relays inserted automatically to the fuse box according selected part number.
  • Insertion force and final position is monitored for a fully controlled process according requirements.
  • Full traceability data per each insertion is available including all registered parameters: Pictures, force and position plot.

Components Feeding System

  • The system picks the components from pre-assembled trays specifically designed according project needs
  • Number of trays can be defined according project needs and number of fuseboxes to be populated
  • Component tray can be removed/inserted easily from the back side without necessity to stop the operation of the machine

Cost Saving

  • Possibility to assembly several fuse boxes simultaneously.
  • Easy re-programing of insertion steps on engineering change request.
  • Easy to adapt the equipment to new fuse boxes just updating the holder and feeding trays when there are new components.
  • Compact machine reducing space in production line.
  • Possible to communicate to ERP or KSK data system to create testing references in real time and upload test results.

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