Emdep Launches a new platform to provide digital services to their customers

Emdep moves towards the digitalization. The new platform ECOS (Emdep Commerce & Online services) was born to be the main communication tool and services provider with their customers.


Lluis Faneca, Head of Marketing in Emdep, is leading several projects for digital transformation in the company, including the new ECOS system:

“ECOS is a platform to provide digital services to our customers, to be connected with them, to help them wherever they are, whenever they need. ECOS was in our head since some years ago, we started the development phase at beginning of 2020 and, during 2021, we have been progressively deploying it in all our 18 sites. Now, at the doors of 2023, ECOS is ready to be open to our customers, which is, since the beginning his main target”.

Accessing to ECOS, Emdep customers are able to find and download all the technical information regarding the test modules acquired, obtain the list of components and spare parts for each module or project, obtain the most relevant news and tips regarding the testing technology and many other fancy features. ECOS it’s born to grow, and users will continuously receive new additional features which will make their work easier.