Press Release

EMDEP and PT Askara Form New Joint Venture:
PT EMDEP Askara Technologies

On June 30, 2024, EMDEP and PT Askara held a signing ceremony to formally establish their joint venture, PT EMDEP Askara Technologies.

This significant event marks a pivotal step in their collaborative journey, setting the stage for innovative advancements in the Indonesian market and the broader ASEAN region.

“Our target is to bring EMDEP’s global leading technology to the Indonesian market,” stated Mr. Diego Amores, CEO at EMDEP. “Together, with PT Askara we will provide value, bringing quality and innovation to the wiring harness industry. Our partnership will not only benefit our companies but also set new standards in the global automotive industry in Indonesia and the ASEAN market. We are excited about the future and the many achievements that lie ahead.”

The establishment of PT EMDEP Askara Technologies underscores the companies’ commitment to driving forward technological innovation. EMDEP’s technology, combined with the local expertise and dedication of PT Askara, is expected to create a synergy that drives innovation and excellence in the industry.