Cable Tester

Digital tester 128 Test Points

Compact and robust equipment, designed to test electrically small wiring harness.



Analog tester 64 to 256 Test Points

Adequate for small to medium wiring harness. Test of continuity, resistance, capacitor and diodes.

Rack based tester. Up to 16,000 Test Points

Ready to cover any wiring harness testing application. Computer based system . Supports several test mode including the most advanced features for connectivity and traceability.


Electrical Test

Our cable testing devices cover from the smallest to the highest wire harnesses in the automotive industry. It doesn’t matters the size, design or characteristics, you will find the most suitable device that fits your application. They check from simple continuities to the most complicate components such as resistors, capacitors or diodes. From the simplest equipment with LCD display to the most advanced one with computer monitor offering you the most comprehensive information for the user to identify any problem. No matter which your application is, we have the appropriate device for you.