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Data Cable Testing

Data Cable Testing

Data Cable Testing

Data Cable Testing

Main features

The continuous increase of connected and autonomous cars becomes in a massive use of different protocols like Ethernet, CAN, LIN, Flex-Ray, for in-vehicle communication. To assure the functionality of these protocols, Emdep has developed a cost-effective, low test-time and fully integrated SOLUTION in standard manufacturing environment, under the requirements of OPEN Alliance and IEEE’s definitions for Automotive Ethernet testing.

Until now, ethernet test could only be performed by using expensive laboratory equipment with special connecting modules and for a small quantity of cables (sampling). Emdep is offering the solution to integrate in the same station twisted pair and electrical test, allowing the test of 100% ethernet cables in manufacturing environment.

  • Afordable solution for High Speed data testing.
  • Each Emdep Unit has 8 ports and is ready to test up to 2 twisted pairs.
  • Measuring all twisted pairs in parallel in a sweep lasting less than 10 seconds, reducing the test time.
  • Multiple test ports eliminate the need to switch between the test fixtures.
  • Adheres to Open Alliance and IEEE standard definitions for Automotive Ethernet testing.
  • Able to test other protocols like Coaxial Cables or CAN by using Open/Short Method.
  • Emdep offers a Cost-effective Solution for Automotive Ethernet Test Fully integrated in standard Test Boards.
  • Standard pneumatic modules 100% compatibles with the current Test Boards
  • Software running in Wintestem. Similar screens for operators and programmers.
  • The Software plots the result of every individual measurement: IL, RL, LCL, LCTL & TDR for a deep analysis of the data and fully traceability

Emdep mail unit Specifications

Frecuency Range
0.1 – 3,000MHz
Frequency Resolution
Frequency Accuracy
±2 ppm
Test Ports
8 Single Channels
Impedance per test post
Differential test ports
Differential port impedance
Test interface
MCX (male)
Test port power output
-1.0 dBm
Max PC voltage at test port (damage level)
60 V
Sweep speed
0.3 msec/step (80 db background noise)
3.4 msec/step (110 db background noise)
RF Measurement Parameters
Return Loss (RL)
Insertion Loss (IL)
Longitudinal Conversion Loss (LCL)
Longitudinal Conversion Transfer Loss (LCTL)
Time Domain Reflectometer (TOR Z)
RF Measurement Parameters – Modes
Single ended and double ended
Accuracy: reflection measurements, mid dynamic range measurements
± 0.4 dB
1.0 kg
Power supply
Universal 5V DC adapter
Power consumption
8 W
Operating temperature
0 °C to 45 °C
Storage temperature
50°C to +70°C
90% at 25 °C
Atmospheric pressure
70.0 kPa a 106.7 kPa

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