Prevent wrong insertion due to problems in terminals or component:

Main Features

  • Controlled fuses and relays insertion
  • Height and insertion force fully configurable
  • Integrated vision test to assure position and values of fuses/relays
  • Full traceability of insertion height and force...for each fuse
  • With the use of mask to preload the fuses ( OPTIONAL )
  • Option of integrated tool change to select different tips for different components
CID - DSC_0182

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Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications180N500N
Insertion mode
1 finger Ø5mm (options avail.)
Through mask + 1 finger Ø5mm Change tool possible
Insertion speed
1.2 seg/fuse
1 seg/fuse
Max. Insertion force
Working area
380x300x100mm (XYZ axis)
425x320x100mm (XYZ axix)
Shipping weight
External dimensions
H=615mm L=845mm W=652mm
H=785mm L=1026mm W=850mm

Measurements and detection of several parametres


Fuse Mask

Tool to load fuses outside machine to improve takt time.

Tool Finger

Chance to change multiple finger sizes according to fuses and relays sizes/shapes.