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Assembly Boards

Assembly Boards

Assembly Boards

Assembly Boards

Main features

In recent times, Assembly Boards technology has evolved to bring higher tolerances to ensure that each wire harness assembled is meeting customer specifications, both dimensionally and functionally.  Using EMDEP technology for Testboards and meeting customer requests, EMDEP has introduce Assembly Boards as a totally independent Business Unit with exclusive Plants serving the market and customers.

Harness Assembly

Working closely with the customer, EMDEP Design Team can easily prepare special jigs to allow special taping in short branches and if required close to the connectors.

Special Parts Clips and Forks

The number of circuits has increased and EMDEP has developed special jigs to ensure that the Operator routes the wires very efficiently and first time right and efficiently.

Key Technology

EMDEP cost driver leadership assures that all Assembly Boards are using Top Solid CAD / CAM / CNC technology for both jig part machining and automatic drilling on the wooden boards to the tolerances that meet customer specification.

Standard Components

EMDEP has an extended catalogue range of special jigs made from several materials, with different dimensions, colour coded assembly holders, e.g.

Example, using yellow connector holders for Airbag that is user friendly for Operators for effective placing and routing meeting international industrial processes.

Special Components

With the increasing functional parts on the wire harness, making the engineering changes just in time with EMDEP experienced engineers in assembly boards all customer special requirements are quickly accomplished.

Support Peripherals

EMDEP’S focus on Customer Service and with project lead times shortening more and more, EMDEP is ready as a One-Stop-Shop to support wire harness Manufacturing and Process Engineers to develop customer specific structures, stands, poka-yoke jigs, dimensional clip tables, packaging tables, supports, wire stands, trolleys and sub assembly work stations.



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